Our Market

Hundreds of companies have found outsourcing a solution with USSupernet to be cost-effective, because they lack the technological expertise, IT resources, capital, personnel, or ability to bear the time-to-market and operating risks to develop a site, or install, maintain, and monitor their own web servers and Internet connectivity. Small businesses generally appreciate USSupernet personnel, who are readily available to respond in-person to technical issues, who can assist in developing and implementing the customer's effective use of the Internet, and with whom they can establish a long-term and stable relationship.

USSupernet customers come in all shapes and sizes; from "mom & pop" small businesses and sole proprietors, to international organizations that employ hundreds of people. We are experienced with customers in a variety of industries; manufacturing, medical equipment and devices, technology, insurance, art, night clubs, resorts and hotels, solar energy and energy conservation, museums, charter fishing and fishing tournaments, private cubs, teams, nursing homes, professional athletes, the food and beverage industries, construction, engineering, landscaping, charitable organizations, retail, legal, day care, real estate, restaurants, and pharmaceutical companies.